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Behavior Modification as a Major Key to Weight Management Success

Behavior modification is a crucial component to long-term weight management success. The Transitions Lifestyle System™ has several components for behavior modification.

The Daily Journal provides 24/7 support to achieve long-term weight loss for 30 days at a time. It provides education on eating low-glycemic index (GI), sample menus, lists of low, moderate and high GI foods, daily recording of your diet and exercise, positive affirmations and reminders for taking your supplements so that you can take charge of your weight and begin to form new and healthy habits. The Daily Journal should be used month to month at least until your weight-loss goal is achieved. Many prefer to use it longer or indefinitely to maximize results. It is an excellent accountability tool. Studies have shown that keeping daily track of what you are eating, when you are exercising and other lifestyle changes, is the best way to lose weight and maintain the weight you’ve lost.

The DVDs cover important lifestyle change issues: "Why Can’t I Lose Weight?," "Getting Healthy: Body & Mind," "The Misleading Label," "Supplements For Success," "Detox Diet & Plateau," "Grains, Health and Your Weight," "Good Fats, Bad Fats," "Get Off the Sweet Stuff," "What’s The Right Type of Exercise?," "Stress and Weight Gain," "Staying On Track" and "Results For a Lifetime." These are important reinforcement tools that can be viewed again and again. They can be used individually or in group settings.

Delicious shelf-stable meals are available that require no refrigeration and are preservative-free for those who don’t have time to cook or need better food choices than what is usually available. For snacks, treats or before or after a workout – nothing tastes better than our bars and shakes! These foods help you stay on track and not miss a beat.

Scientifically-formulated dietary supplements can be customized to fit your individual needs. Whether carbohydrates are your downfall or you need healthy metabolism support - your Customer Manager can help you choose the supplements that are right for you.

The Transitions Lifestyle System 12-Week Program

The Transitions Lifestyle System can be easily incorporated into your daily lifestyle and provides you with all the tools you need to stay on track and get results. For those that want even greater support – consider participating in or leading a Transitions Lifestyle System 12-Week Program. You get the added support of a group setting.

Lose the diet and live the Lifestyle – look great, feel great and lose weight with the Transitions Lifestyle System.

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