Radiation Therapy Prostate

Radiation Therapy Prostate

Can you help with this question about prostate cancer and pomegranate juice?

I have a strong family history of prostate cancer (father & older brother). I am now over 65 and my PSA tests have remained at normal levels I have that test and a rectal exam by a urologist done annually. I’ve heard recently that pomegranate juice may be of value in treating men wiith prostate cancer whose cancer is still progressing despite radiation and/or hormonal therapy. What I’d like to know is this:

(1) Is there any evidence that it might help in preventing or delaying onset of the disease? and
(2) Is there any indication it could interfere with early diagnosis by skewing the PSA test?

Yes I have also heard Pomegranate juice is effective to prevent prostrate cancer due to is medicinal values. But it does not cure the disease already set in. Neither it will give any adverse indication in the Prostate specific antigen test conducted. this was confirmed to me by my Oncologist friend.

Secondly while i appreciate you are taking all precautions to contain this disease, I request you not to have fear of getting it. If you are destined for something you will get it otherwise not. Take and think everything on positive note. Nothing will happen. Best of Luck

Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy (Dramatic Health)

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