Insanity Nutrition Guide – The first week  insanity nutrition guide

Insanity Nutrition Guide – The first week insanity nutrition guide

Insanity Nutrition Guide – The first week

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Insanity Nutrition Guide – The first week

Great news, I got through my first week of the insanity nutrition guide and exercise program. Check out my earlier posts if you missed anything that’s happening.

Today was really supposed to be my day off, but since I had a birthday party to attend yesterday, I took that day off and just completed the workout I was supposed to do yesterday today. I felt like I did really well during the workouts in the first week, but I ended up eating way more food than I probably should have. One reason is because of the birthday party that I had, but the main reason is because whenever I do really intense exercises, I have a tendency to gorge myself. The first time that I went through the insanity nutrition guide and exercise program, I experienced the same thing but after the first couple weeks of going through the program, that experience went away on its own. Hopefully, the same thing will happen this time. When I was going through the program the first time, my endurance was skyrocketing only after a couple weeks of doing it, regardless of the fact that the amount of food I was eating would’ve sustained two grown men. Just like last time, I’m experiencing a little bit of weight gain, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it is just a natural part of how my body works when I start a new eating and exercise program. The last time it happened, I came down with the flu, so I had to quit, but hopefully this time I’ll be able to see it through to completion.

Body Fat Percentage: the likelihood of my body fat percentage changing in the last week is slim, so when I reach the halfway point of the insanity nutrition guide and insanity workouts, I’ll go ahead and provide an update for it, and then again when I’m done.

State of mind: just like normal, I’m actually pretty frustrated with my inability to control my eating when I’m working out so incredibly hard. I am taking some heart from the fact that I was able to get control of it within the first couple weeks when I did the program before, so I’m counting on that happening again. Other than that, I am really proud of the fact that I got through the first week, and I’m truly looking forward to how I’m going to feel after the following week.

Workouts: The first week of training consists of six days of training and then a day off. The workouts follow the pattern of first the fit test, then the plyometric cardio circuit, cardio power and resistance, cardio recovery, pure cardio, and then another round of the plyometric cardio circuit.

The workout that really gets the program going for the first month is the plyometric cardio circuit. When you start going through the videos, you’re gonna find that they are all going to follow a pretty similar pattern with a couple of exceptions. Typically you’ll do a warm-up then repeat it faster, and then do it again superfast. You’ll then be given a period of 30 seconds to rest. After that you’ll do some stretches before you begin the First Circuit. This First Circuit is going to consist of four exercises each lasting 30 seconds that are one right after the other, and then a brief rest of 30 seconds.. You then repeat that same circuit twice, and each time you increase the pace just like you did with a warm-up exercises. When the first circuit is completed, you then embark on a different circuit and repeat the same process. He really likes to make sure that you finish hard, so right at the end of each circuit he will throw in some extra stuff that really makes you work. If you make it through all that without throwing up, and get to the final cooldown session, then you can seriously congratulate yourself as you survived the ordeal.

The exceptions that I spoke about in the previous paragraph are the cardio recovery and the pure cardio videos as they don’t follow the same format as the others. The creator of the program but cardio recovery video right in middle of the week so that your body can have a break from all of the jumping, grasping, and bouncing that happens in the other videos. This isn’t to say that it’s not going to be a tough workout, because rather than all of that other stuff, you pace yourself a little slower and work on your strength and balance. This means that rather than doing a lot of speeding cardio exercises, you will be doing more lunges and squats. When you go through the pure cardio video, you’ll find that it is exactly the opposite of what was just described. Rather than simply doing four exercises for 30 seconds each and repeating that after a short break of 30 seconds, you will stretch out, then spend a minute each on a whole bunch of different exercises without taking any breaks.insanity nutrition guide

To many people, the pure cardio video might bring to mind why they call it the insanity workout, but for me it was a little bit easier than the other videos since I was able to keep my momentum, which I have a tendency to lose during the short rest periods. I also have a tendency to slow up near the end of the 1 min. sessions as well just because I’m not in good enough shape yet to keep up the entire time. In all likelihood, if I didn’t slow down near the end of that minute, I would most certainly have a different attitude towards it. When I first started slowing down, it made me feel a bit guilty, like I was cheating myself or something, but when I paid attention I noticed that even the people who are participating in the video had a tendency to slow down through these minute long sections. Some of them actually took breaks when needed as well, they just moved out of the camera’s view when they did.

One of the things that I find exceptionally nice about the insanity nutrition guide and workout plan is the fact that it is laid out in a way that anyone can easily follow when they put their mind to it. The exercises are a mix of really difficult moves, and some that aren’t so intense. When I was first thinking about picking up this program, I was a little bit afraid after looking at the advertisements and watching previews that I would find Shaun T to be hard to bear. When I actually got the program and started doing the workouts however, I found the push! Push! Dig deeper! that he keeps saying to be way more motivating than irritating. Shaun T seems to work that fine line between motivating people to work hard and keep good form while at the same time encouraging them to take a break if they absolutely need one very well. One of the things that I really find refreshing is the fact that many of the people in the video do need a break sometimes just like I do.

One of the issues that I have with the insanity nutrition guide and workout program is the fact that for me, since I am super flexible naturally, I never feel like I am getting a good enough stretch from those that are done in the video. Chances are that most people who tackle the program will be able to do just fine with the simple hamstring stretches and deep lunges they use, but for myself, I had to implement my own stretches in order to get my problem areas stretched out as well as they need to be.

In a really sick and twisted kind of way, I’m having a lot of fun with the insanity nutrition guide and workout plan, and it isn’t something I dread doing each day like has happened to me with many other workouts. Naturally, I have a bit of a hard time getting started, but it seems that when I kick myself in the butt and get going, and reach the second round of warm-ups, I typically end up with enough of an energy boost that I can give the workout everything that I have.

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